Saturday, January 9, 2010


Julie and Jason and Jack make Joy

There was no doubt in my mind
About my love for this boy
Long before I even knew him
I was sure he’d bring all of us joy

So today when I held him
And rocked him as he slept
I wondered about grandparents
And the attitudes they kept

The ones who say it’s just the best
Having these kids that you can give back
When they get fussy ,cry a lot or poop
If I had my way, I know I’d keep Jack


You Don’t Know Jack

In your eyes, your changeable ocean blue eyes
There are unchartered depths that lay me open
Unexpectedly thoughtful are your eyes, wise
Beyond your age, or so it seems to me, for how
Is it someone not yet half a year upon the earth
Should possess any wisdom whatsoever, still

Whenever we spend any time locking gazes
You and I, whether it be over a bottle you are
Guzzling or if I am just talking with you while
Playing with you or changing your diaper or
Getting you into a snowsuit or sleeper, or, horrors,
Buckling you into the dreaded car seat - for

Already you have made it clear you do not
Like to be confined – it does not matter what
Our activity – if we should happen to engage
Our eyes – we, neither one, blink – but seem to
Speak without words; I, feeling a responsibility
To help you gain some verbal skills, often try
To put into words what it is you might be saying

And am often rewarded with smiles and any
Number of a variety of sounds that you have
In your vast baby vocabulary already – it is
Purely fascinating to watch you shape your
Baby lips and curve your tongue while you
Shoot sounds out from your voice box with
Such concentration on your face, I trust

You are expressing yourself and oh-so-earnestly
But still, it is when you make no sounds at all,
When you are absolutely motionless
And we share that mind-meld that transfers
Thoughts and feelings directly through our eyes
That makes my heart beat more strongly and
My breath catches a little and I remind myself again
You still don’t know Jack.


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