Sunday, January 15, 2012


Spilling blood upon the page -
writing my life in colour
sounds so melodramatic

And yet, after reading the suite
of poems dealing with that year
When darkness ruled day

And night was just more day
Framed with wings despotic
that fluttered wildly overhead

And speaking those words aloud
no matter how soft the attempt
Whispering even, if I was able

There is no denying
the echo haunting every corner
of my psyche; each part I
thought well hidden, secreted

Battened down, sealed away
Safe from damage, any harm
Wielding a pen might inflict ...

Pens or other writing implements
appear innocuous, quite innocent
But these instruments of massive pain

Are indeed mightier than most
Weapons, swords the least
Of them –

And words are bombs, landmines;
Guiltless appearing, simple
to the gullible, safe
to the careless, those unwitting

Or unwilling to face up to their
power; writing out life may
well be what ends it, mine at least



  1. Writing can bring pain when you are trying to summon all you have to write a poem. It is as hard as building a castle all by yourself. What's beautiful about your poem is that you describe words as bombs. They appear simple but they have the power to shake the world. Well written.

  2. this reminds me so much of myself...and the darkness that haunts the corner of my mind as well. so many deaths I have suffered and losses of all kinds, writing has been my therapy. this touched my heart and I truly feel your words. thank you for sharing.

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  3. Thanks mad and Kellie - both of your comments show real insight to this poem, lend it more depth than I saw myself

  4. Wow, powerful poem and the last lines worry me....... it is also cathartic to write, I do believe. Helps ease the pain sometimes. The photo that is the background of this site is very looks like a magical realm.....

  5. Yeah - Sherry, I know what you mean; the last words worry me too - I rarely feel like that and writing is more often helpful than not ... this background is cool, I agree - it's one of Blogger's new templates, sorta hidden in their background sections ...