Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well - another day, another attempt at blogging - but really, do I have time for this pseudo-nonsense? As the late not-great Dub-yah used to say (and probably still does, but who cares?) - "Heh, heh - well, the jury's still out on that one, in'it?" Of course, he was referring to evolution...

Anyway - join a group, get reminded that you might have links to something, usually your very own website or blog, become tempted to check that out, and voila - there you are, or, as in my case, here I am.

Nothing really to say - although I notice that doesn't seem to deter most bloggers - the nothing much to say part I mean. However, I hope it will deter me, at least most of the time.

So - other than my usual boo hiss in regard to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the number of dead being shipped home to Canada in particular.

And, my unqualified enthusiasm for the poetry community here in Edmonton and the upcoming Poetry Festival in April (more about that when I have some time to devote to it.) - there is nothing much I want to rip off a few words about.

Oh - and I guess I could add my latest enthusiasm/obsession with photography and posting on LiveJournal's 100 snapshots - boy I love my new camera and posting to a prompt - much like writing poems to a prompt in a way. Again, more about this - later.

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