Thursday, February 25, 2010


You don’t enter a room so much as suddenly appear
One moment you are out in the yard or downstairs, and
Then suddenly, the whole of you, warm and panting
Is down by my feet, your eyes, liquid gold, regarding me

And who could resist a plea from such a one as you
Your ears are velvet flaps set back on your seal-like sleek
Head, a cranium the size of a basketball but so smooth
It’s impossible to keep from stroking it once begun
When you moan with sounds so human-like, luxuriating
With your large pink tongue hanging down, you are so cute

Quiet times like these are not the norm but the exception
For usually you are a bundle of vibrating motion
A clumsy sort, your tail can clear a coffee table with one wag
If you accidentally stomp my foot, I often fear it’s broken
You weigh close to 100 pounds and stretched out the way
You love to be, you come close to six feet long at least...

It’s pure comedy to see you try to sneak along flat on your
Belly, one paw in front of the other, moving stealthily
At least in your mind as you creep along the floor trying
To get closer to another dog, or a biscuit, or a ball to play with
Never thinking for a moment in your doggie brain that you
Cannot be sneaky at your length and girth – you are too
Much dog to ever sneak up on anything or anyone...

Oh big brown chocolate Percy, how I love you goofy dog
You bring such innocence and sweet-naturedness,
With you into our lives and are such a welcome break
From all that is cynicism and scepticism in this world
Who cares that you run pell-mell full out and catastrophically
Collide with everything and everyone unable to leap
Out of your misguided way – you are so good-hearted
There is no malice in your heart or in your head and we
Are delighted to have you in our house and hope you’ll stay.



  1. Love the poem and picture! You captured him well.

  2. Oh what a wonderful poem. You have captured so much of that essential 'dog' nature that anyone who has ever known and loved a dog would be touched. Percy sounds wonderful. :-)

    I am glad to have discovered your blog. It is good to meet you.

    Susannah x