Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of Honour Killings and Innocence

Weeks of testimony
And tears and talk
Of honour-killings
and guilt that brought
Shame upon a family

But no-one to speak
For those whose silence
Rang so loudly 
in the courtroom
The silence of their innocence
Rang throughout the land -

The land where the woman
and the three girls
had believed they
were safe
The sound 
of their innocence 
by its very absence 
in the country
where they thought 
they were to live
in safety
Where they thought
nothing bad
could happen

In the end
in the courtroom
in the country 
where the woman 
and her daughters
had thought they 
would live in safety

It was decided that
they had died
In innocence - 
that there is no 
such thing as honour killing

The guilt belonged
to their murderers
The silence was broken
By the courts
And the murderers, 
all of them
were sentenced
to life in prison

It set a precedent ...
Let it be known 
that in Canada
There can be no 
more of this
If you move here
You must abide 
by the law of this land


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