Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On My List of Things I Wish I Hadn't Done

I must've been more than manic
At least that's what I now aver
T o let you talk me into something
So flat-out disgusting

You flattered me with a sprig
Of glistening white lilacs
Snipped from Ella's garden
Next door, beside her chalet

Not even store-bought
How callow a gesture
And yet, I fell for it
Went with you to that place

"Dwarf-tossing" you warned me
As we were about to duck into the bar
Not a moment too soon—
A pygmy caromed off the doorjamb

Missing my head by inches
Landed grinning on the porch
Spryer than light, he jumped up
As if prodded by electricity

And swaggered back in
Towing us with him ...


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