Monday, February 6, 2012

Older Now And Yes, This is the Life I Wanted

Looking back through the wrong end
Of the telescope I see my young self
An ingenue, so insecure about so much
Flying madly off in all directions

Had I not married the love of my life
At a very early age, I do believe
My story, my life, would have culminated
In a far different ending, one I fear

This - this is the life I wanted
and I could never see - not for years
In fact, I needed to mature, get old
actually - before I fully recognized

That the security of home and hearth
The love of a good man and children
All the things I poked gentle fun at
in my youth - turned out to be the prize

Oddly - while travelling regularly between
Toronto, Montreal and New York
and finding my work exciting somewhat
I didn't realize that the exotic trips I longed for

Would not take place until well past
My middle years when my love and I
Began touring Europe, making love
in those grand cities we'd promised

Ourselves we'd see "someday"
Well - Paris, Rome - and the rest ...
Someday is now, and we're old enough
To appreciate you and each other

And yes, this is the life I wanted
After all - and now can see
Those children we were never
Sure we wanted and that now

We know we could not do without
Are having children too proving
There are more reasons to live
This life and never grow really old



  1. Beautiful, Sharon, all so true, and beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Great poem! How great to have a long full life together. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful! Yes, someday IS now. We cannot keep waiting for another day. I am glad you are living your dream NOW.