Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking Flight

ensconced and strapped alongside
pinched cheek  by cheek humans
tucked painfully between glass and armrests
harder than any actual arms
I become aware of surreal droning
not belonging to anything from nature
and the big silver bird pirouettes
on wheels seemingly too dainty
to support such ungainly girth
aluminum flanks held together
with rivets too numerous to count
every time I fly, these behemoths
defy gravity each time they take the sky
race down the runway
lift off and don't fall out of the air




  1. hey any plane that does not fall while i am in it is a good one...had a really nasty flight into birmingham one night where i was sure we were not making it...

  2. This is one I can identify with, as someone who likes to travel, though hates the traveling. Aluminum birds are quite ungainly and I always get nervous during take off and landing but somehow they make it okay. ;-)

  3. Flying on faith each time - amazing though that these monsters still get me to the places I want to go and historically speaking in almost the blink of an eye. Well done re the image. I was there.