Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the Dawn

It is dawn or nearly so
I sense it but hold onto
the dark as long as possible
For I also sense your presence
And know as soon as I fully
waken you will be gone
and I cannot bear the thought

So ever so carefully, I risk
peeking through slitted eyelids
Hoping I still appear to be sleeping
And sure enough, there you are—
Just a blurred outline in the light
But I would know your shadow
anywhere, even in the darkest night

Wait! No - please, don't leave yet -
I'll close my eyes again, I will
Just please, don't go - I need, I want
Oh ... there you go ... will you come -
Will you return again ... oh God -
I don't think I can do this anymore.

image by  Uzengia Aleksander Nedic


  1. this is rather frightening to first i was wondering if it was a hostage situation...but then again it could be as simple as a lover leaving...and not wanting to see them go...either way it works...smiles.

  2. Full of longing...Dreams can fill many voids, as least for a moment...

  3. Sigh! happens...I don't want anyone going out of my life either.

  4. This reminds me of the ghosts at Willow Manor...

  5. The minutes between waking and rising ... often filled with awesome dreams! Nice Mag ...

  6. Thanks all - I've had ghosts - real or imagined, on the brain lately; this artwork made me think of that dream/nightmarish place where one might see someone they'd lost (most likely to death but it could be to
    war or anything really)and the longing that accompanies that loss so intensely they'd do almost anything to keep their apparition present as long as possible ... (this wordy explanation is mostly for Brian ...) But thanks to all for coming, reading and commenting - as always, it's much appreciated.

  7. I could feel the intensity and anxiety and anguish.

    Really good stuff.


  8. i love that just out of reach....longing...beautiful..

  9. I feel the pain in your words......great writing here! :-)

  10. This makes me think of some nights I spent wondering if it was the right thing to be doing and hoping beyond all hopes that when I woke up he would still be there. But the longing or hoping never did bring the results that I wanted. Maybe it was for the best. Things always happen for a reason, or so they say!

  11. Sometimes memories live on in dreams and it is so awful to wake up - and let go.

    Anna :o]