Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All of My Ephemerals

Build the fire high
Let no darkness encroach
Here where every
Nook and corner
Harbours ghosts
And much as I might
Wish to speak
With most on an individual
Basis; I fear them as a group

Foolishness I know
Both to consider they
Exist at all
And to fear them if they do
But sadly, such is so

Still I waited all the night
For you last darkness
Drinking European
Hot chocolates
Sure such indulgence
Would keep me wide awake
And was rewarded
With the desired
Sleeplessness but no

Then just as I sensed dawn
Creeping into the room
And somnolence into me
I felt your whimsy
Entering the space as well
But could not fight
Morpheus another moment
So missed you once again

And tonight there is such
A feeling of dread
A pervasiveness
That keeps me thinking
There are more wraiths
Present than I might like
Lurking, restless to be gone
Or to be mischievous
Whichever the case
I am not comfortable with it.



  1. Cool piece. I like how you can read it a few ways. The presence can be good or bad, i was thinking as I was going through, but the uncomfortable nature at the end, was unexpected-which I love that- as yes, regardless of the reason, comfort and discomfort can show either way. Also really like the narrative/conversational mix in you tone. Nice job. thanks

  2. True freedom is conquering fear of everything.
    Ghosts are fine..it's the living one must fear:)

  3. dont we all have these ghosts on some level...and if they all came at once we would certainly be hard pressed...i agree with fred though i could read this a couple ways...nice

  4. Vivid atmosphere in this--I can feel the room, sitting there with one's dead, in spirit or fact, and whatever cohorts they've picked up since leaving..gives you that shiver that is not all delicious.

  5. I am not comfortable with their presence either...its the dread I fear because they belong to another realm or reality ~

    Great to see you at D'verse ~

  6. After living in several haunted houses, ghosts don't particularly frighten me anymore :)

    Love the layers you've created in this poem, I'm finding something new every time I read through it. Great job!

  7. Sharon- I understand this and know what you are talking about...

  8. Thanks all for coming and reading, then commenting about my ghostly poem ... appreciate it!