Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dusk Dreams

In that netherland
at day’s end when
the sun kisses the tips
of the waves
Good-night and
drowsiness reigns
A drifting in and
drifting out
of reality occurs
and sights seen
like bats on the wing
being ridden
by lithe silver fairies
are commonplace

Once a dragonfly
as big as my foot
set down right near
my resting book
Then, seemingly bored,
balanced carefully
on the edge
of my glass,
began sipping
my wine through
a green-grass straw
It next put on my
glasses, scanned the page
I’d been reading
before winging off
through the gloam...

There’s just such a
somnolence settles on
me at twilight that
makes it impossible
to move
Especially when
the enchanting
begins to beguile
Why on earth
would I want to bestir?

A version of this poem appears in The 2009 Stroll of Poets Anthology


  1. Lovely images of the dreams of silver fairies and dragonfly....bestir not, I like this word ~

  2. Very special, somnolent or do I mean soporific, write.
    Pity our bats don't carry silver fairies on their backs: they just swoop at my hair and leave strange feathery pins on our windowsills.So hope the dragonfly brought your spectacles back :-)
    Lovely background image.

  3. Oh, I love this dragonfly tale......she was trying on your life for size:) This has the exact feeling of twilight. Just beautiful.

  4. Thanks heaven, aprille and Sherry - glad you stopped by, read and commented ... I do appreciate it.