Saturday, August 25, 2012

It’s About Time

Salvador Dali had a thing for clocks and watches
Letting time run off the canvas in a surreal fashion
Giving way to nightmarish visions and new meaning
To the fairy-tale beginnings of, ‘once upon a time’
Even before Jim Croce died before his time
Dali was dreaming of ways to put in time or rather
Put time in a bottle or some other container
Or so it seems if one studies his work long enough
Taking the time it takes to understand the artist
He, a painter of his time, was considered
Quite the trail-blazer, a man before his time
Some said - and others, one for his time, so it
Was difficult to decide which it was in a timely fashion
Although many dismissed him out-of-hand in no time
Refusing to consider that even tinged with craziness
Dali’s time had come and his art was just in time
For a public long stultified by less interesting fare


  1. Very clever, I smiled at every reference to time, there's just something about those melting clocks that sticks in the brain.

  2. I love the repeated use of the word time here, in the different phrases. And I love the phrase: "Letting time run off the canvas in a surreal fashion." Excellent.

  3. An interesting poem about an interesting artist, kiddo.

  4. Wonderful time and timely references. Good one, Sharon.

  5. I love how you shared your interpretation of him~
    And I loved how you added Jim Croce in your poem~
    fun to read~ I enjoyed your view, your words!

  6. Very timely... Intricate seeing sometime appears to be insanity.I think the clearest minds are those that see beyond the masks. Great write. (was looking for your sunday whirl... will keep looking!:-)

  7. Thanks rch, De, Sherry, Sara, Ella and teri - for visiting, reading and leaving your thoughts ... Dali's always great inspiration and it's wonderful to hear feedback about how he inspired me! Thanks again.