Saturday, November 3, 2012

My How I Love that Voting Thing ...

There is nothing like a political
Race to get the juices flowing
All that give and take and take and take
Not to mention the constant
Mud-slinging, brings one right back
To the sand box, doesn't it?
Although not quite as civilized maybe
I just love how polite everyone is
How carefully each opponent listens
To each other and never changes
Their stance on anything so I always
Know right where they're coming from
Oh yes - it's enough to make anyone
Want to throw their hat in the ring
Why I've even thought from time-to-time
I might try and become an American
But we have so much fun on this side of the border
Why would I want to change my stripes
Our dear Prime Minister has almost guaranteed
He'll do anything his good buddy in the White House
Suggests, no matter who it is, nor what he wants
It's just too bad this only happen every four years


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