Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Dream the Lake and You (V)

In the lake that I count on to be
My everything, before the bow
of my scarlet canoe, you rise up
Like a mirage; I try blinking
You away and for seconds
You disappear - as ghostly
As the geisha in mama's good
China set - do you remember her?
The way she only appears in certain types
of light - faint but perfect in every detail, she is
But you - you are yourself only not...
You are also the lake, fully water
And I think I see you like a cut-out doll
As you rise up staring through me
Then turn and are gone again just like that
And I think I must be going mad
I look off starboard,  and there you are again

Artwork: photo from Margo Roby's Wordgathering exercise 9.25.12 - by Chris Goan
taken of statue, sculptor Rob Mulhollan from Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park


  1. intriguing,like the mystery of the poem. Thanks for sharing and for your wonderful comment.

  2. I enjoyed things seem to appear and disappear, and they may be real or they may not. Sometimes reality is a blurry line.

  3. Very well written poem ... so mysterious too.

  4. I love the imagery and being on the lake~ It was haunting and yet appealing~
    Beautiful to see the tilted image in your view~ :D

  5. Oh this is a ghostly tale........I likely would fall out of my canoe and flail about in a panic! Loved it!

  6. What a wonderful take you had of the prompt and geishas. Intriguing.

  7. Sometimes our eyes deceive us and then again...maybe there was some mysterious figure coming out of the water. I was enraptured by your poem!