Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is when?

AND THESE GEESE ARE SAFE SINCE WE ALWAYS HAVE TURKEY...I can't quite believe that tomorrow is the 23rd and I haven't bought even one Christmas gift. Oh, I tell a lie - my husband and I have given each other the same thing this year. We've loaned money to an organization in Africa that funds women entrepreneurs and helps them get their businesses off the ground by giving them loans of approximately $100. Once they're up and running and making a profit, they repay the loan. This has been an extremely successful program with repayments in the high ninety percentages. It seems rather more encouraging than outright charity and we certainly don't need anything so it felt like a good thing to do. The best part for me was that it was my husband's idea! You have no idea how huge that is...so, yeah - Merry Christmas everyone!

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